It's time to ditch the DIY brand and cookie cutter website that's limiting the potential of your business.

Let's work together to create a custom brand and website that's authentically you.

Designify Studio Brand and Web Design - laptop, monitor and graphics tablet on desk

Signs you're limiting your business:

You currently have a cheap or DIY website.

You're embarrassed to send potential clients to your website.

Your branding and website are not attracting your dream clients.

You're not getting the income you'd hoped for from your website.

Your website hasn't had an update in years.

You've tried a bunch of marketing tips you saw online, but it hasn't brought you more clients.

You're not sure Google even knows your business exists.

How great would it be if you could...

Free up the time you've been wasting trying to improve your brand and website yourself.

Actually get back to doing what you love, and back to the reason you started your business in the first place.

Stop stalking your competitors' websites and worrying about how much better their site looks.

Have a website that works for you 24/7, instead of against you.

Project excellence, build trust, and attract your dream clients.

Relax because Google does know your online business exists and your customers can find you with a simple Google search.

Move beyond an amateaur or hobbyist website to a professionally designed one that doesn't limit what you can accomplish with your business.

Have someone to hold your hand and guide you through a collaborative process, resulting in a stunning new brand and website that makes you proud and converts your visitors into clients.

It's your time now!

Don't let your business suffer any longer. With help from Designify Studio, you can begin the journey of creating your business and life without limits.

Designify Studio - Barb Bucklin, Brand & Web Designer

Hi there!

I'm Barb Bucklin, the brand and web designer/developer behind Designify Studio.

I have a passion for helping inspired,  creative entrepreneurs pursue their business dreams through branding, web design/development, and training.

Over the years, I've worked in administration, bookkeeping, small business marketing, and some graphic design before a serious injury caused me to stop working. In 2012, I discovered web design and development and was immediately hooked, learning through books, courses, and information online. I also honed my graphic design, marketing, social media, and SEO skills during this time.  Then in 2014, Designify Studio (pronounced design-ify) was born. Since then, I've been creating branding and websites for dynamic, creative business owners and silver entrepreneurs.

Stats & Info

small business owners
over age 50

More and more people are becoming small business owners in midlife and beyond. According to a study conducted by Guidant Financial last year, 57% of small businesses are owned by people over 50, and 25% are owned by those aged 40-49.

I saw that this often overlooked group of silver entrepreneurs and small business owners really needed someone to lead them through the confusing and difficult process of building a brand and online home for their businesses. Through one-of-a-kind branding, web design, and training, Designify Studio helps inspired, creative entrepreneurs design a business and life without limits.

Through intentional, authentic brand and web design, Designify Studio captures your uniqueness and elevates your online presence, attracting your dream clients and letting you get back to doing what you love.

View our portfolio here to see how we've helped other businesses!

Some of my favorite things...

Designify Studio Brand and Web Design - Barb and Vic

my husband, Victor

Designify Studio Brand and Web Design - daughters Tina and Amber

my daughters, Tina & Amber

feline staff

Designify Studio Brand and Web Design - Crowley - Maine Coon
Designify Studio Brand and Web Design - Cass, white cat
Designify Studio Brand and Web Design - Ruby, tortoiseshell cat

more favorites

Designify Studio Brand and Web Design - Travel Bar Harbor Maine


Bar Harbor, Maine




Stephen King

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travel dreams

Designify Studio Brand and Web Design - Travel Dubrovnik Croatia
Designify Studio Brand and Web Design - Travel Warsaw Poland - Old Town
Designify Studio Brand and Web Design - Travel Amalfi Coast Italy

What our clients have to say

Designify Studio Brand and Web Design - Client - Kathy, TFS Restoration

Kathy, TFS Restoration

“The help and one-on-one attention I received from Designify Studio was amazing! Barb went above and beyond my expectations in designing a brand and website that definitely got the results of bringing in more customers."

Designify Studio Brand and Web Design - Client - Wayne, Dickason Tech

Wayne, Dickason Tech

"The difference in my business before and after Designify Studio completed my new website, brand, and SEO was like night and day. Customers can now find my business easily online and I get so many more inquiries for my services."

Mary Ann

Mary Ann, artist & blogger

“As a professional artist, I most appreciated the artistry shown in the branding and website Designify Studio did for us. From the hand-drawn logo, the custom pattern design, and the unique type, everything was cohesive and artistic."

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